CDK Kreative Kreations, LLC is the one-stop shop for anything you need personalized. Specializing in everything from kustom made gowns, to comfortable maternity wear, beautiful prom dresses, form-fitting bodysuits, and even some more exotic creations. The only limit to a Kreative Kreation is your imagination. The one of a kind designs are custom created to fit each client’s unique image. We use only the best and most premium fabrics and quality materials to achieve your dream look. Truly no dress or outfit is beyond our Kreative Kreations team, it’s our promise that “If you can dream it, we can design it.” 


Who in their life has not once had the thought “I wish I had done this differently”. Sometimes this thought comes to us earlier in life and sometimes inspiration strikes when you were least expecting it. CDK Kreative Kreations founder, Cheryl D. Kitchen found her niche without really even looking for it at age 35. As a "House Mom" at exotic nightclubs, CDK noticed the needs of these women and saw it as an opportunity to start her next endeavorShe allows women of all ages to reinvent the way they shop for special occasion dresses with one of kind kustom garments. CDK's clientele list that includes prominent names in the entertainment world including Kash Doll, Miracle Watts, Lira Galore, and many, many more. Kreating thousands of custom pieces a year, CDK continues to build the ultimate brand for all things kustom.